Frank J. Herrmann

Artist & Science Author

Dipl. Industrial Biologist (FH)

Brackenheim, Germany

No Hobbies! Just an infinte series of interests:

Topological Set Theory, ITERative Cluster Analysis, Matrices & Algorithms, FOE Rocks - the Universe and all ONE Theory

Half electron reactions, TMD & TMP-Transport, Resonance Tunneling

Qui Gong - Feng Shui, Histroy & Traditions,
Drums & Music Composition...
Qui is the proper transliteration for "Chi". Qui = Life force.
Languages: 橋之泉 /\ 六百四十六

BelieveScience Artist & Author

State of the FreeONEme ART

I removed any contents (including books, performances and other arts pieces) from my websites that could be interpreted towards being commercial activity. This is in order to keep potential legal fines within reason. Originally, I had asked to get sued in order to have the scientific facts established in court (For me to file a lawsuit isn't financially viable.). However, as usual, attacks are targeted towards formalities and aimed to disable opponents via financial drain. Anything substantial is being avoided.

Intsead, here some of my favorite songs from cultures I have been involved with that you might usually not encounter:

Title Artist / Genre Link
I'd be Leaving for Good 成田玲 (Rei Narita) / Japanese Smooth Jazz Youtube
The Legend of Snow Fairy Kamukaze / Rock (Traditional Chinese Singer) Youtube
Брой ме (Count me in) Tsvetelina Yaneva (feat. Rida Al Abdullah) / POP (Bulgarian & Arabian) Youtube
Ела и си вземи (Come and get some) Gery-Nikol (feat. Krisko) / Hip-Hop (Bulgarian Chalga) Youtube

My COVID-19 Theme Song

Title: Hurry up - the train is leaving

Album: Unknown Design - Spoken Word (Unpublished)
© by Frank J. Herrmann 2019
Full moon hiding

Professional Life

Managing Director OR as i call it "Kindergarden Teacher"
2004 - 2019

My Professional Career comprises among others Establishment and Optimization of Microarray Profiling (ICS Lisboa), Laboratory Security & Patent Law, Work with Lead-Users and Opinion Leaders in Blood Transfusion & MRSA Diagnostics and Development of Search Algorithms & Large-Data Handling Implementaion.


HS Bremen - University of Applied Sciences
2001 - 2006

Diplom Industrial Biologist (FH)

University of Salford (Greater Manchester)
2003 - 2004

BSc in Biochemical Sciences

Rheinische Akademie Cologne
1998 - 2001

BTA - Officially Recognized Laboratory Technician